Lomphrey Philip also known as DJ Loms is a graduate of Plant Science and Biotechnology from Nasarawa State University , Keffi.

He hails from Agyaragu Town, Lafia Local Government, Nasarawa State.

While growing up, he was exposed to a lot of Rap music because of his sister and based on his love for entertainment; he always dreamt of becoming a music producer. He said “I knew I never had the talent of singing and that I did not have the patience to learn a musical instrument” which is as major criteria for becoming a proficient music producer so he got discouraged.

His first year in the University was the birth of his love for becoming a DJ (Disk Jockey).

A Disk Jockey abbreviated as DJ is a person who plays existing recorded music for a live audience. They also play at parties, festivals etc. Their presence is so vital that most events would be a flop without them.

Philip Lomphrey Akpu chose this career path and soon has earned the name DJ LOMS.

His drive and passion exposed him to the people who already had the career going on for them. He said “one of them had the software used by DJs installed in his Laptop computer so, I was always at his place watching and observing him closely”. DJ Loms soon became a very regular visitor at the DJ’s house (exactly what passion to learn drives us into. We do everything we can to get our feet up). According to DJ Loms “I was very passionate about the art and I enjoyed watching because I was learning a lot”.


There were a lot of hurdles but he kept on with his dreams and aspirations of becoming a DJ.

In his second year at the University, he got access to a laptop computer which his father bought for his brother and himself. This for him became a major start and a good hope for becoming a great DJ. Unfortunately, the dream was cut short when the laptop computer got stolen; “it felt so painful and I thought my dreams were frustrated”.

He got access to a friend’s laptop computer which he could borrow from time to time. This to him was a major reawakening for his DJ career, it gave him another start.


Soon, he collaborated with a friend and together, they began to perform at small house parties and other small functions.

He recounted how he got insulted and embarrassed on many occasions mostly for playing loud music around. DJ Loms did not let these wrong opinions distract him from pressing on to greater achievements.

Soon, he got access to the most popular DJ(as at that time). This gave him career another shift. His continues contact with this popular DJ opened him up to learn vital secrets about the art of becoming a DJ. He said “my getting close to him helped me discover the major thing I needed to learn”. This popular DJ introduced DJ Loms to another DJ friend of his and for him, it became another training ground for practice to continue.

After graduating from University, he moved on to his National Youth Service. This phase ushered him into a new dimension of his art. Unfortunately, he could still not afford one of the major implements for his business; a laptop computer. He kept on with this ambition by using a friend’s laptop, he said “she did not use the laptop so I took it from her and installed the software”. The laptop was what he used for practice until he finished his NYSC. He recalled one his most inspiring moments when a friend who always informed him about how good he is told DJ Loms how he wished they can go to Lagos state where they can handle events together. DJ Loms said “deep inside me, I had the conviction to do this DJ work at home”.

After NYSC, he saved enough to buy himself a laptop computer. This move however ushered the next phase of challenges; lack of other sound equipment like speakers, amplifiers and other major gadgets. The only solution available then was to rent sound equipments. He kept on with renting equipments till he was able to save enough to purchase his own major sound equipments “it was not easy at all because of lack of financial assistance”.

His determination and focus made his growth process towards becoming a DJ a spectacular one and though he is not yet at the peak of his career yet, DJ Loms is a household name in his industry. He has played at several major events around Nasarawa State. One of the biggest of them all is the popular Eggon Carnival in 2015. According to him, it is one of his biggest events he has played at. He went on to say that, “apart from parties, the first major show I played 2008 was at a street show organized by a rap team in Lafia..

Presently, DJ Loms has grown his DJ Empire into a better one. This job has earned him a lot of better equipments.

DJ Loms still has bigger dreams for the job.Φ

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